by Jerry♡Faye

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Jerry♡Faye is:
Jerry-Faye Flatt - Guitar/vox
Dylan Ward - Guitar/vox
Kevin Belyea - Bass
Liam Bunin - Drums

Jerry♡Faye was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dylan Ward at ShiftWork Studio in Fredericton, N.B.

Check out the music video to the single "I Should Have Guessed"


released August 9, 2019

Thanks to Folly Fest for sparking the Jerry-Faye Band ♥ Thanks to Kevin Belyea and Liam Bunin for liking my songs and wanting to play them with me. I love you both so much thank you for all the beauty you've brought to the songs and to the band ♥ Thanks to Dylan Ward for living with Kevin and being there when we went for our first jam and jumping in on lead guitar ... and then staying in the band. Also for recording and creating this beautiful EP. Oh and thanks for being a wonderful partner I <3 U ♥ Thanks to the Charlotte Street Arts Centre for supplying us with mics, mic stands and xlr cords in the early days ♥ A million thanks to Scarlet McAllister for letting us rock out in her basement weekly and for still creating a beautiful album cover for us after funding fell through ♥ Thanks to Stefan Westner for filling in on drums and rocking it when our lovely drummer had a gazillion things on his plate ♥ Thanks to all the folks who come out to our shows and enjoy, support and love live music. We love you!!!! ♥


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Jerry♡Faye Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Winter Semester
It's hard to take a break,
Everything just aches.
Can't even go to bed,
There's too much in my head. 
In a different world, 
In a different life, 
Things might turn out then,
I could breathe again. 
Losing hope cause I'm losing time, 
I've got way too much on my mind. 
There's just so much to do and to get done, 
There's never any time just to have fun. 
And the sun goes down, 
Way too early now.
Track Name: Useless
I made up my mind that I wouldn't lie in bed and cry. 
If I keep myself really busy then I know it will be alright. 
Occupy my mind so I'm not thinking, binge a show instead of binge drinking. 
But is it really the best way to live a life wishing I was okay? 
Cause the walls are strong they're too tough to climb, just thinking this way is wasting my time. 
There's gotta be a better way to live a life that's not so grey.
And I get really stuck on all the stupid things I say, 
They circle round in my head I wish they'd go away. 
I feel like I'm always in a rush, never on time I talk too much. 
There's gotta be a better way to live a life that's not so grey.
Cause I am tired of being useless and I'm tired of stickin' round, 
I wish there was something that I could do, to stand my ground so I, 
Cracked my fingers, gave my head a shake
Toughened up and I made it through the day.
Track Name: Bruises
It seemed so innocent at the time, started with your hand in mine. 
I just wanted to be held, back in 2012. 
But three years later I was still scared to leave my house, 
Even though you had moved away I was certain I'd see you out. 
And still when you come home for New Years, 
My stomach turns when I know you're near. 
I was chained up, I was locked up. 
I was full of fear, whenever you were near. 
Whenever you were near. 
And when the first snow came down, 
I just felt so overwhelmed. 
Memories came flooding back, 
To just how you would act. 
But all I know is I am faded on the couch,
And all I need is just to feel your lips on my mouth. 
Disaster creeps in just to fill the void, 
You'll never live a life just to enjoy. 
So depleted, I feel cheated. 
How did I get here? A life that's full of fear, 
Tell me how did I get here. 
Maybe it's cause I'm a bit upset, or I'm too uptight. 
But I can't get out those words in my head that you said that night. 
When you stopped being nice and started slamming doors, 
I didn't think that your jokes were funny anymore. 
So I left, I parted ways, full of hopes and dreams. 
Cause someone had to leave, 
And for the first time it was me.
Track Name: I Should Have Guessed
You are so sweet and so cute and kind, 
You make me always want to change my mind.
Summers filled with happiness and wine,
I just wish that we had had more time.
You are the most perfect thing to me. 
You keep saying that you have to go,
You already told me you have to leave.
Go ahead and make your family proud,
Just know that I will not stay around.
You were something pure,
I needed something more,
I thought that we were a success,
I should have guessed.
Track Name: Good Heart
Just lock the door, throw away the key.
I thought that this time, you would be there for me.
But I knew you were runin’ away, that’s why you’re leaving right?
But I swore, I swore, I never knew that you wanted to fight.
I can picture you in an open field. Camouflaged into the green grass, I’m hoping for peace.
I hope this gives you direction, and inspires you to be strong and loud.
I hope you write that book, that you’ve always been talking about.
There’s a good heart in you.
I hope it stays a part of you.
When I woke up today, I stepped out in the rain.
The cold wind hit my face, I thought of your warm embrace.
Don’t know if you’ll be back again, don’t know when I’ll see you in this town.
But if there’s one thing that I know, it’s that I’ll miss having you around.
And if you come back bruised and battered, know that I’ll be here to be your friend.
To hold your hand and walk with you, If the nightmares never end.
But I have high hopes and high dreams, I hope that you only do great things.
Don’t mess up, be careful, you’re quite a handful.
There’s a good heart in you.
I hope it stays a part of you.

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